Sweet Platters


Cakes & Slices

Our very popular sweets platter includes a selection from our extensive home-made range of biscuits, cakes, tarts, slices, muffins and friands.

$5.50 - 1 item per serve cut into small pieces.

Gourmet Biscuits

Assorted range of gourmet biscuits including Yo-yos, Anzacs, Florentines (gluten free) Muesli Cookies, Belgian Chocolate Mud Cookies (gluten free)

$2.50 - 1 items per serve

Chocolate Assortment

A decadent selection of chocolates including raspberry balls (milk & white) and chocolate coated liquorice

$5.50 - approx 3 pieces per serve

Savory Muffins

A delicious savory muffin served warm with a butter sachet

$5.50 - per item

Scones, Jam & Cream

This old-fashioned favourite is freshly baked and available as a traditional plain scone, with homemade jam and fresh whipped cream.

$4.50 - 2 halves per serve

Whole Pavlova

A lavishly decorated pavlova with whipped cream, "strawberries & kiwi" or "banana & passionfruit"

$40.00 serves 10 people

Cheese & Fruit Platter
A selection of farmhouse cheeses including brie and a vintage cheddar accompanied by savoy biscuits and water thin crisps. Complemented by a selection of
ready to eat seasonal fruits.

Minimum platter - 7 serves - $38.50

$5.50 per serve

Fresh Fruit Platter
A healthy selection of ready to eat fresh fruit to be enjoyed at any time. Including year round favourites; honeydew, rockmelon, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi fruit, orange, grapes and strawberries.

$4.00 per serve

Fruit Salad - Large individual container $7.50

Yoghurt Cups (Low Fat) - "Mixed Berry" or "Muesli and Fruit" $7.50

Gourmet Cheese Platter
An array of farmhouse cheeses including Gippsland Brie, Vintage and Meredith marinated goats feta.
Accompanied by dried fruits, nuts, A G Fruit Loaf, savoy biscuits and water thin crisps.

Minimum platter - 7 serves - $38.50
$5.50 per serve

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